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    First: Initial Inspection

    This is a free, no-obligation hail damage inspection where a representative will check the entire home for hail damage. They will check the roof, siding, gutters, decks, awnings, fences, storage buildings and anything else that you point out to them. Upon establishing hail damage, the representative will measure, take pictures and diagram all damaged areas. Once this has been completed, the representative will sit down and discuss their findings, answer questions and address any concerns that you have.

    Second: We meet with the insurance company on your behalf

    The subject to agreement that you sign allows us to contact your insurance company on your behalf and set up the initial meeting with the adjuster to show them the hail damage that has occurred on your home. We will set an appointment with your adjuster and meet with them. The representative and adjuster will meet and agree on the damage areas that need to be replaced. The cost of the replacement will be agreed upon at this time.

    Third: Select materials

    Once the insurance and the representative have agreed on the scope of work that needs to be done or hail damage that needs to be repaired, the representative will contact you for another appointment. At this time, the representative will bring you samples of the shingles and siding that is best known, and most used in the industry. You may pick from any of the samples so you will feel confident in the choice you make. The only balance due from you at this time is the deductible that you have with your insurance company..

    Fourth: Delivery of materials and inventory

    Once the material is selected the order is placed in our production department. Once received, the materials will be dropped according to your instructions. The representative will be out to check that all the materials are there to begin the construction process. If there is anything missing he will notify production and it will be delivered promptly. The representative will pick up the first check that the insurance company has sent you or half of the job cost.

    Fifth: The construction process

    Once the roofing and/or siding crews are on the site they will take notice of anything that will require extra protection. The representative will be there to answer any questions that the crew has and get them started. The Field Production Manager will be on the site several times, meeting with the building inspector throughout the day to ensure that there are no additional concerns. Once completed with the job, the site will be cleaned up and your home will be as good as new.

    Sixth: Final Inspection

    Upon completion of the hail damage and or storm damage project, a representative will come out and complete a thorough inspection to make sure that you are completely satisfied regarding the work that has been completed. At this time, a representative will pick up the final check that the insurance company has sent you or the balance of the work done.


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