Handsome & Functional

The cabinetry within a bathroom is the unsung hero. It hides all of your toiletries and necessities to maintain your lifestyle. This taken-for-granted element either makes or breaks the perfect room. Our American Roof are locally owned and operated. American Roof experts have a vested interest in your local areas trends, taste and community. They are kept up to date with annual training we provide them. Use their expertise to help you create, update or replace this dynamic element in your bathroom.

American Roof team understands how to install, replace or reface any cabinetry in your bathroom. They will create efficient, dramatic, convenient or hidden cabinets according to your tastes and routines.

Full-Service Remodeling

American Roof professionals are well-trained and experienced in how to maximize your cabinet space in your bathroom, your budget and the area’s functionality to your wants and needs.

American Roof experts will provide you with everything from start to finish when updating your bathroom. They offer everything from the initial consultation to the minor details while planning the complete remodel of your in-house getaway. We train our franchisees on the best methods to produce the highest-quality job efficiently.

American Roof designers will gladly meet with you at a convenient time during our regular business hours to discuss the many possibilities for your bathroom remodel.

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