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      Amazing experience! They did an awesome job on my parents roof, and was very quick and efficient. We're very happy with their service. 5 stars well deserved.
      Themba Sotya
      Themba Sotya
      These guys are amazing at what they do. Been a pleasure working with them from start to finish!
      Ervin Richardson
      Ervin Richardson
      They were able to send a rep and give me an estimate in no time! Thanks guys great experience.
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      Soumia Kadiri
      It was definitely awesome. I would definitely recommend them.They got to us as soon as we contacted them. They were awesome. They did the job fast. It was awesome all the way around.
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      Eloise Hope
      Very receptive, answered all my questions. Got the job done quickly and professionably.
      Isadha Dan
      Isadha Dan
      Amazing job, left everything cleaned and picked up. Very professional and respectful.
      William Graham
      William Graham
      This is a great company to work with. Always on time and the work is outstanding. I Will command this company.. AAAA++++
      Edwin Coles
      Edwin Coles
      Did an excellent job on my roof and gutter installation. And all done in a very timely manner.
      Lawrence Lee
      Lawrence Lee
      The quality of work, professionalism and customer service were all above par and we couldn't be happier with their work.
      Keuin Anderson
      Keuin Anderson
      Very informative, answered all our questions, provided us with different options, and did excellent professional work. Highly recommend.
      Nyaga Renson
      Nyaga Renson


      Siding Contractor in Houston, TX
      Top  Roofing & Siding Repair Contractor in Houston, TX & Surrounding Areas. With Thousands of Roofing & Siding Projects Performed across Houston Texas We are The Best installers In Town. Top 1 Siding Repair & Replacement in Houston area. Your Complete Roofing and Siding Company in Houston Texas. Specializing in Roof Leaky Repair, & Vinyl Siding Repair. General Contractor in Houston Texas  (832) 329 0469.
      We believe our great success is due to the aspects of our company that set us apart from our competition and make us one of the most trusted names in remodeling and Siding Repair & Replacement in the Greatest Houston Metro Area. in Harris & Montgomery Counties, Texas.

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      Roofing Installation and Repair

      Roofs undergo a great deal of stress throughout the course of a year. From pounding rain and high winds to snow and ice, roofing protects your most valuable investment – your home. The more damage a roof sustains, the greater your risk for declining home value and larger problems that will affect your home’s structural integrity and interior comfort.
      Roofing Inspection
      American Roof & Siding is your trusted source for advice and assistance with Houston roofing. We recommend that your roof be examined regularly (especially after a severe weather event) to detect any signs of damages like missing or curling shingles. Because not all roofing problems are easily visible, professional inspection is necessary every few years to locate common roofing issues.

      Houston Siding Repair & Replacement

      We know that your home is a reflection of your unique style and taste.
      At American Roof & Siding We want to help you to build lasting impressions. Our Lap Siding will do just that.
      Traditional yet timeless, our selection will be sure to appeal to all.

      Siding Contractor Houston, TX. Repair & Installation 

      Hoping to start re-siding your home in the Greatest Houston Area? Our team at American Roof & Siding is ready to make it happen! Our household siding installers are reliable and affordable, and our experts will replace your Houston siding how you hope.

      At American Roof & Siding, we provide a variety of household siding installation services:

      • Competitively priced siding installation
      • Dependable residential siding repair
      • Huge selection of high-quality siding available, including vinyl siding and high-efficiency siding
      • Warrantied replacement siding

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      Top-Rated Siding Repair Contractor

      Our team at American Roof & Siding, of siding contractors deliver top-notch workmanship in Conroe. The siding products that we provide is the most reliable quality, with the most reliable warranty you can purchase today. You will just love how your property looks with high-quality siding from our team. It’s not hard to tell why our customers rate us 5-stars as the best siding contractor in Houston TX.

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      American Roof & Siding is the Top-Rated Siding Repair Company

      Is it time you finally install vinyl siding? Great! We would be happy to hang Houston  siding for your house to help you enjoy a more stylish and more relaxed home life. Have our pros show you how painless a siding project can be!

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      Siding Repair Houston


      Certainly! When contemplating enhancing your house’s curb appeal, siding emerges as an exceptional solution. Homeowners today enjoy a myriad of siding siding options, presenting an extensive range from classic wood siding to versatile vinyl siding, durable aluminum siding, sturdy brick siding, and stylish stone veneer siding. For instance, a small, box-shaped home might entail an investment as modest as $5,400 for quality vinyl siding. However, more intricate exteriors, boasting high-end finishes and multiple stories, could require an investment of approximately $15,500 and beyond for comprehensive siding siding installations. The sheer diversity of available siding siding choices empowers homeowners to tailor their exteriors precisely to their preferences, ensuring an appealing and durable siding siding solution for homes of various sizes and architectural styles

      Which siding material is best for you will depend on many factors including your budget and desired style.


      What Factors Influence the Cost to Replace Siding?

      When considering replacing your house’s siding, numerous siding factors come into play. The unique siding shape, siding style, and siding size of each property demand careful consideration before selecting the ideal siding material for your siding needs. For more detailed siding information on siding options, maintenance, and siding installation, visit us online at our siding website. American Roof & Siding. 

      Home Size

      For a larger home, more siding materials and extended installation time are necessary. The cost of a siding square averages around $1,200, contingent on your chosen siding material. Most homes range between 1,500 to 2,500 square feet, crucial when gauging the amount of siding to purchase. Vinyl siding is packaged in units called “squares,” with each covering about 100 square feet. Understanding these dimensions helps accurately assess your siding needs for the entire house.

      Home Shape

      Absolutely! When it comes to siding costs, the simplicity of a box-shaped home contrasts sharply with the custom features of a neighbor’s siding, such as a turret. These unique architectural elements can significantly increase siding expenses. Additionally, multiple-story homes inherently require more siding materials, time, and labor due to their complexity, which further influences the overall siding costs.

      Material Types

      Choosing the right siding is crucial for the long-term resilience of your home. Quality siding, expertly installed, becomes a shield for your home, safeguarding it for decades to come. Opting for cheaper siding might seem appealing initially, but it leads to quicker wear and tear, demanding frequent siding replacements. Investing in durable siding material is an investment in your home’s defense, preventing future expenses and ensuring long-term protection.

      Old Siding Removal

      Contractors typically advise homeowners to prioritize removing the old siding, despite the additional expense. This step allows them to address potential issues like pests, nests, and rot, ensuring a solid foundation for the new siding. While layering new siding over the existing one might seem like a time-saving option, it can compromise the final appearance. To maintain both quality and budget, professionals may suggest layering over the old siding only if it’s in good condition and relatively new.

      Old Siding Condition

      The state of your existing siding greatly impacts the expense of replacement. If your old siding shows considerable wear, chipping, and damage, the process of removing it and prepping the exterior surface for new siding will be more extensive and costly. On the other hand, if your previous siding was in decent condition despite some signs of aging, the preparation required for the new siding installation will be less extensive, resulting in lower overall expenses for the project.


      Discussing off-season installation possibilities with your contractor can be a game-changer. During quieter times, contractors usually have more availability, enabling them to tackle larger projects like your home more efficiently. Furthermore, some companies offer discounts during these periods, potentially leading to savings regardless of your home’s size. By exploring these options, you can maximize project timelines and potentially unlock significant cost advantages for your home improvement project.


      The typical price of siding replacement also depends on location. Some areas of the country have lower siding costs, while others see higher prices. Here’s a look at average costs in several popular U.S. regions.


      Siding Contractor in Houston

      Ask for recommendations to find a reliable siding contractor in Houston, TX. Check and verify contractors are licensed, insured, and experienced for the local climate. Get estimates, talk specifics, and review their past work. This comparison helps you choose the best contractor for your siding project in Houston, aligning with your needs and budget.


      HOA Restrictions

      Don’t jump into a siding project without first consulting your HOA or historical governing body. There’s a good chance they’ll have an approved siding list with restrictions on the colors and the choice of material for your siding.

      How Much Does Replacement Siding Cost by Type?

      It’s easy to get caught up on how much new siding will change the look of your home, but it’s helpful to know which types of replacement siding fit your budget before your planning starts.

      Vinyl Siding


      Vinyl siding is a common choice in numerous neighborhoods due to its affordability and durability, ranging between $6,150 and $15,900 for installation. The appeal lies in vinyl siding’s cost-effectiveness and resilience. Unlike wood siding, vinyl siding doesn’t demand painting, offering a reprieve from spending weekends on tedious paint jobs. However, it’s essential to be cautious with high heat sources near vinyl siding to prevent any warping or melting, particularly when using grills.

      Weather elements can impact vinyl siding’s integrity. High winds and drastic temperature fluctuations may result in dents or cracks. While it’s not entirely waterproof and can be vulnerable to forceful water, making pressure washing a potential challenge, some manufacturers recommend annual high-pressure washing to maintain its cleanliness. Alternatively, gentler cleaning methods such as hand washing or a gentle hose spray can be utilized if high-pressure washing isn’t recommended. Consistent maintenance routines are crucial for preserving the longevity and appearance of vinyl siding for years to come.

      Wood Siding


      Wood siding remains popular because of its classic good looks and relative affordability. Depending on your house’s size, wood siding typically costs between $7,000 and $23,000 for the project. Homeowners often choose durable pine, spruce, cypress, and Douglas fir siding. Cedar and redwood have higher price points because they resist rot better than the others.

      Wood siding is appealing to many homeowners because of its natural look and can be easily repaired even by a weekend DIYer, but it needs regular maintenance. Rot and insect damage are normal, and you’ll want to stay ahead of warping and cracking. You should also plan for a new paint job every three to five years in addition to a weather treatment every four to six. A complete refinishing/paint process costs $2,000 to $5,000.

      After watching a few mountain home real estate shows, you might have your heart set on siding that transforms your home into a cozy log cabin. Log siding is similar to wood siding in aesthetics and takes on the same maintenance and treatment needs. Full log (vs. half log) siding costs an average of $14,000. 

      Engineered Wood Siding

      If you like the look of wood siding but have a strict budget, consider engineered wood siding. Engineered wood siding typically costs between $3,000 and $5,000. Homeowners like this option because it mimics wood siding, yet it’s more affordable and customizable, arriving pre-primed and ready to paint. It only needs a new coat of paint every five to 10 years—perfect timing to try an on-trend color.

      Engineered wood siding is produced with plywood sheets and pretreated with insecticide and fungicide, helping to repel damage. The DIY crowd likes this material because it’s light and easy to install, but be careful; there is little room for error. If installed incorrectly, moisture damage is a big problem, especially in humid areas.

      To avoid problems, make sure you’re properly installing siding starter strips, use the correct nail length, and leave enough space between the siding for expansion.

      Aluminum Siding

      A favorite of homeowners in cold climates and on the coast, aluminum siding is priced between $10,000 and $19,000. Aluminum siding is waterproof and provides insulation, helping to keep heating and cooling bills low. It also repels rust, fire, mildew, and insects.

      Aluminum siding is noisy, known to “ping” during extreme heat, storms, and high winds. And if debris or hail flies, you’ll know it because you’ll see scratches and dents in the siding. Over time, aluminum loses its color in weather, but unfortunately, it gains a chalky hue. Matching pieces can be hard to find if you plan to make repairs, and you might need new siding.

      Fiber Cement Siding

      You may know this type of siding by the leading brand name, James Hardie™, or by the term “Hardie board.” Fiber cement siding is an affordable, durable option that homeowners love because it looks like wood siding, but it’s weather and pest-resistant. The cost of Hardie board siding ranges between $4,700 and $13,300. Different brands of fiber cement siding choices range between $6,000 to $20,000.

      Although fiber cement siding is low maintenance and needs once-a-year cleaning and an occasional painting, installation prices rise because the material is heavy and labor-intensive. If you need repairs later, it’s best to call a local siding repair professional.

      Brick Siding

      Maintenance-free brick siding is a less common choice for hot climates because it retains heat. Homeowners who don’t worry about the warm-up will appreciate the charming look of brick siding. The cost range for brick siding is $10,000 to $75,000.

      Stone Veneer Siding

      Stone veneer siding is long-lasting and requires little maintenance if installed correctly. If not,  you’ll repair cracks and collapse as the years go on. Stone veneer siding is heavy and expensive, costing about $105,000 for the average size home. To save money, some homeowners use stone veneer siding as a decorative exterior feature or a focal point.

      Cost of Siding by Square Foot

      The Price of a Box of Siding

      If you buy an entire box of siding, it covers 200 square feet, and you’ll pay between $1,200 to $2,400, depending on the material you choose. For example, vinyl siding is much less expensive than stone veneer siding.

      Take a look at a few of the most popular siding choices, like replacing vinyl with fiber cement siding. Replacement siding costs per square foot usually include materials, installation, and site cleanup.

      Materials Cost per Square Foot
      Wood $2 – $5
      Vinyl $3 – $12
      Aluminum $2 – $5
      Fiber cement $5 – $13.50
      Brick $9 – $28
      Stone veneer $35 – $50

      DIY vs. Hiring a Pro

      With the right tools and enough patience, siding jobs are a feasible DIY project for handy homeowners. If you choose to DIY your siding replacement, you’ll save between $40 and $90 per hour in labor fees. Your only costs to DIY will be for the material itself, which, as previously mentioned, ranges in price depending on your preferences. If you merely have to replace a small section of damaged siding, your costs will be even lower. For instance, some siding repair kits cost between $15 and $40 for vinyl. You should also budget for any new tools you’ll need to buy if you don’t already own them.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What should I consider when choosing siding replacement options?

      You should consider a siding replacement material that meets your expectations for budget, durability, and if you want to complete the siding project yourself. Some materials are better than others in certain climates and easier to install for beginners. If you’re unsure which material suits your home, check with a local contractor for guidance.