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    Siding Installation & Repair Houston

    Top  Roofing & Siding Repair Contractor in Houston, TX & Surrounding Areas. With Thousands of Roofing & Siding Projects Performed across Houston Texas We are The Best installers In Town. Top 1 Siding Repair & Replacement in Houston area. Your Complete Roofing and Siding Company in Houston Texas. Specializing in Roof Leaky Repair, & Vinyl Siding Repair. General Contractor in Houston Texas  (832) 329 0469.
    We believe our great success is due to the aspects of our company that set us apart from our competition and make us one of the most trusted names in remodeling and Siding Repair & Replacement in the Greatest Houston Metro Area. in Harris County, Texas.


    Roofing Installation and Repair

    Roofs undergo a great deal of stress throughout the course of a year. From pounding rain and high winds to snow and ice, roofing protects your most valuable investment – your home. The more damage a roof sustains, the greater your risk for declining home value and larger problems that will affect your home’s structural integrity and interior comfort.
    Roofing Inspection
    American Roof & Siding is your trusted source for advice and assistance with Houston roofing. We recommend that your roof be examined regularly (especially after a severe weather event) to detect any signs of damages like missing or curling shingles. Because not all roofing problems are easily visible, professional inspection is necessary every few years to locate common roofing issues.


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    Amazing experience! They did an awesome job on my parents roof, and was very quick and efficient. We're very happy with their service. 5 stars well deserved.
    Themba Sotya
    Themba Sotya
    These guys are amazing at what they do. Been a pleasure working with them from start to finish!
    Ervin Richardson
    Ervin Richardson
    They were able to send a rep and give me an estimate in no time! Thanks guys great experience.
    Soumia Kadiri
    Soumia Kadiri
    It was definitely awesome. I would definitely recommend them.They got to us as soon as we contacted them. They were awesome. They did the job fast. It was awesome all the way around.
    Eloise Hope
    Eloise Hope
    Very receptive, answered all my questions. Got the job done quickly and professionably.
    Isadha Dan
    Isadha Dan
    Amazing job, left everything cleaned and picked up. Very professional and respectful.
    William Graham
    William Graham
    This is a great company to work with. Always on time and the work is outstanding. I Will command this company.. AAAA++++
    Edwin Coles
    Edwin Coles
    Did an excellent job on my roof and gutter installation. And all done in a very timely manner.
    Lawrence Lee
    Lawrence Lee
    The quality of work, professionalism and customer service were all above par and we couldn't be happier with their work.
    Keuin Anderson
    Keuin Anderson
    Very informative, answered all our questions, provided us with different options, and did excellent professional work. Highly recommend.
    Nyaga Renson
    Nyaga Renson

    Houston Siding Contractor Repair & Installation 

    Hoping to start re-siding your home in the Greatest Houston Area? Our team at American Roof & Siding is ready to make it happen! Our household siding installers are reliable and affordable, and our experts will replace your Houston siding how you hope.

    At American Roof & Siding, we provide a variety of household siding installation services:

    • Competitively priced siding installation
    • Dependable residential siding repair
    • Huge selection of high-quality siding available, including vinyl siding and high-efficiency siding
    • Warrantied replacement siding

    Give us a call today at American Roof & Siding  at 832-329-0469 to team up with an outstanding Houston replacement siding contractor!

    Top-Rated Siding Repair Contractor

    Our team at American Roof & Siding, of siding contractors deliver top-notch workmanship in Houston. The siding products that we provide is the most reliable quality, with the most reliable warranty you can purchase today. You will just love how your property looks with high-quality siding from our team. It’s not hard to tell why our customers rate us 5-stars as the best siding contractor in Houston TX.

    Call us at 832-329-0469 to team up with a great Houston siding contractor!

    American Roof & Siding is the Top-Rated Siding Repair Company

    Is it time you finally install vinyl siding? Great! We would be happy to hang Houston  siding for your house to help you enjoy a more stylish and more relaxed home life. Have our pros show you how painless a siding project can be!

    Don’t delay! Please give us a call at 832-329-0469 to team up with a high quality Houston siding contractor!



    Siding Repair Houston


    If it’s time to give your house a big dose of curb appeal, siding is a good solution. Homeowners have a wide variety of siding options, including wood, vinyl, aluminum, brick, and stone veneer to choose from. A small, box-shaped home may cost as little as $5,400 for vinyl siding, but intricate exteriors with high-end finishes and multiple stories push costs to about $15,500 and beyond.


    Which siding material is best for you will depend on many factors including your budget and desired style.

    What Factors Influence the Cost to Replace Siding?

    There’s so much to consider when replacing your house’s siding. Because each property is a different shape, style, and size, you have to consider multiple factors before choosing the right material. Visit us online for more info: American Roof & Siding. 

    Home Size

    The bigger house, the more materials you’ll need to buy and the more time you’ll need to schedule for installation. You can expect to pay about $1,200 for a square, depending on the material you choose. The typical house size ranges from 1,500 to 2,500 square feet, which is helpful to know when you’re estimating how much siding to buy. Vinyl siding comes in units called “squares,” and a siding square covers about 100 square feet.

    Home Shape

    If your home has a simple box shape, your costs will be lower than a neighbor who custom-built a turret on the side of their home. Multiple-story homes also require more time and labor.

    Material Types

    It’s a good idea to consider siding as a long-term investment. On average, homeowners pay about $10,300 for siding replacement. Properly installed, quality siding will protect your home for decades. Inexpensive siding might seem attractive initially, but if you go low-cost first, you’ll kick the fees for another round of siding down the road by only a few years. Lower-end materials don’t hold up to weather and damage as well.

    Old Siding Removal

    Contractors often advise homeowners to remove the old siding (at an additional cost) because it allows them to correct problems with pests, nests, and rot. However, layering more siding on the existing siding can also diminish the overall look of the finished product. To save your budget from ballooning, your pro might suggest layering over the current siding if the age and condition of the siding permit.

    Old Siding Condition

    The condition of your old siding will also influence your replacement cost. If your old siding is in great disrepair, with lots of chipping and wear, you’ll pay more to remove it and prepare the exterior surface for new siding. If your previous siding was in decent shape but just a little aged, your home will likely require less preparation and will therefore cost a little less.

    Time of Year

    Talk to your contractor about off-season installation pricing and timelines. If they have fewer clients competing for time, they might finish your large home faster. Plus, if the company offers off-season discounts, there might be savings, regardless of the size of your house.

    Location Houston, TX

    The typical price of siding replacement also depends on location. Some areas of the country have lower siding costs, while others see higher prices. Here’s a look at average costs in several popular U.S. regions.


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